4-Day or 9-Day Ultimate Borneo Wildlife Bike Safari (BM9A)

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  • Duration: 9 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Kuching, Sarawak, Sarawak
  • Product code: BM9A

The Ultimate Wildlife Experience Awaits in the Heart of Borneo (9D8N)

Pedal across western Borneo to explore the best national parks for sightings of amazing array of exotic tropical wildlife. This is a trip that takes in a diverse range of landscapes and habitats, including some amazing riding and is relatively compact at just eight days.

A Wildlife Explorer's Dream: meet the wild-man of Borneo, the orangutan; catch sight of indigenous tropical hornbills and elusive Irrawaddy Dolphin; fall asleep to the unique sounds of jungle nature at night; and so much more.

A once in a lifetime expedition to observe Borneo wildlife in their natural habitat inside seven of the best National Parks in Sarawak. The journey will take you overland on two-wheels, crossing of rivers and ocean by boat as well as trekking through dense tropical rainforest, in both daylight and in total darkness.

With terrains and habitats that ranges from tropical mountainous jungle to mangroves estuary, this bike trail offers a huge variety of tropical wildlife and plants species for you to explore and photograph at an intimate but safe distance. The ultimate wildlife experience awaits you in this nine-days bike safari expedition in the heart of exotic Borneo.

Your Trail

DAY 1  Arrive at Kuching, Cycle the Heritage Trail (12 km)   

Arrive in the capital of Sarawak, the charming old town of Kuching. The group will meet with the tour leader in the late afternoon for a briefing on the tour, a chance to try out the bikes, and then we head off straightaway onto the heritage trail of the White Rajah. Enjoy a welcomed sunset dinner at the bank of the romantic Sarawak River.

Basaga Hotel / The Marian   Meals: D  

Pedal into history on this heritage tour of Kuching, the capital of Sarawak. Explore the Main Bazaar of the picturesque Old Town, and stop at the Square Tower, at the ‘stone jetty’. In the early days of the Brooke Rajah, this Fort and a nearby Court House were the full extent of government buildings. Cross the River in the traditional fashion, in a ‘sampan’ ferry deftly steered with oars, to visit Fort Margherita, built by Charles Brooke in 1879 and named after his bride. The Fort’s cannons were trained on the river, both a traffic route and possible source of an enemy attack. As it happens, the brickbuilt edifice has never been shot at in anger. After substantial renovations it is now a Museum of Brooke memorabilia.  


DAY 2  Cycle to Bako National Park (32 km)

The trip started off with a ride to Sarawak premier Bako National Park. Before the national park we cycle into the fishing village of Kampong Muara Tebas, a traditional fishing village, for a seafood lunch.  After lunch at a stilt house restaurant, we take a boat trip to Bako National Park for a full day of trekking and wildlife spotting. At night, venture into the night with our expert park guide to catch sight of breathtaking night creatures.

Bako National Park Meals: LD

We ride out of the city center avoiding the worst of traffic through quieter kampong lanes. Our destination this morning is the fishing village of Kampang Muara Tebas that is surrounded by mangrove swamp, a great place to spot wild birds and collect wild fern. Visit a century old temple overlooking the spectacular Bako Bay, before walking around the villages to observe some local traditional commerce such as the drying of shrimp paste or the harvesting of jellyfish. A delicious seafood lunch awaits at a local fisherman's stilt house restaurant. After lunch and a short rest, we continue a short ride through mangrove swamps to Kampong Bako jetty to make a 20 minutes boat trip along the coast to Bako National Park peninsular for a full day of trekking and wildlife spotting. Our expert park guide will bring you to the best places to see the wild animal in the wild, including spotting herds of the big nose proboscis monkey jumping from tree to tree. After dinner, we take a night walk on a different trail to catch sight of breathtaking night creatures. Enjoy your first serene and peaceful jungle night in the national park's cabin accommodation.

DAY 3   Boat to Santubong National Park (3 km)   

We take a speedboat along the coast to reach majestic Santubong National Park (in stormy weather, this coastal boat trip maybe changed to inland river or car journey for safety reasons). Hike into the jungle and up to a gentle but cooling mountain waterfall before taking an evening cruise through the spectacular mangroves tributary to sight exotic birds and animals.

Permai Rainforest Resort   Meals BLD  

A day of two spectacular boat trips today. In the morning, we depart from Bako National Park heading towards the majestic Mount Santubong. This is a great opportunity to spot many migratory birds along the spectacular coastline. During stormy weather, this coastal boat trip maybe replaced with inland river way, but as a compensation, you might have the chance to spot crocodile instead. After check in at the jungle resort by the beach, we cycle to a food center for lunch before heading to the Santubong National Park to hike the waterfall trail for a cooling dip. In the evening, we take the second boat cruise of the day through the spectacular mangroves tributary to sight more exotic birds and animals.  


DAY 4  Cycle to Kubah National Park (43 km)   

Enjoy your morning ride along a beautiful mangrove coastal way taking in great views of Mt Serapi, our destination today. We reach Kubah National Park for a great day of jungle hiking on a waterfall trail. Go “frogging” at night to find as many species of Borneo frogs as possible.

Kubah National Park   Meals: BLD  

After an early morning breakfast at the beach side restaurant, we get back on the saddle for a day of fun riding along the mangrove coast. We reach Kubah National Park for lunch before embarking on the waterfall trail to spot many species of pitcher plants and wild orchids. Take a cooling dip at the splendid waterfall before return to the park chalet for an early dinner. In the evening, take a night stroll at the jungle stream to spot Bornean Frogs that comes in all shades and colors.    

DAY 5 Boat to Satang Island and Cycle to Matang Wildlife Center (29 km)   

A splendid day of wildlife spotting, both on land and in the sea. We cycle to a seaside fishing kampong and take a boat trip to Satang Island for a chance to spot sea turtles as well as enjoying swimming and snorkeling activities. Returning onshore, we continue our cycling to reach Matang Wildlife Center, a home for injured orangutans, and stay overnight in seclusive jungle cabin to enjoy the unique sounds of Mother Nature at night.

Matang Wildlife Center   Meals: LD  

We ride into a sleepy fishing kampong facing the South China Sea and start our boat ride  to Talang-Satang National Park. Visit the turtle hatchery on Satang Island to get an idea of conservation work being done to help the highly endangered sea creatures such as Green Turtles. Spend time on the island’s white sandy beach or go snorkeling. After a pack lunch on the beach, we arrive back on the mainland and continue our cycling journey to reach Matang Wildlife Center for an encounter with the orangutans as well as other endemic Borneo wildlife such as the Sun Bears, Sambar Deer and Hornbills. For the adventurous, we will venture out into the night jungle to experience the darkness of the rainforest and explore its unique creatures at night.  


DAY 6 Cycle to Gunung Gading National Park (64 km)

Pedal hard today on a cross-country coastal ride towards the western tip of Borneo. At Lundu, we stop by Gunung Gading National Park to try our luck to spot the blooming of Rafflesia, the biggest flower in the world. The afternoon is free and easy to enjoy the resort’s swimming pool.

Lundu Union Yes Retreat Meals: BLD  

We say goodbye to the Orangutan and follow the long coastline dotted with isolated beaches and peat swamp forest. There are great chances to spot a large variety of wetland and coastal birds including many migratory birds temporarily residing in Borneo. Along the way, ride your bicycle up a unique car ferry to cross the Sampadi River. The long flat ride ends with a series of fishing kampongs before we reach the coastal town of Lundu for lunch. After lunch, we venture into Gunung Gading National Park for a chance to see any blooming Rafflesia before ending our ride at a lovely seaside resort for a well deserve cooling off by the pool, and enjoy sunset by the beach.  


DAY 7 Cycle to Sematan (36 km)

We cycle along beaches lined with coconut trees leading to the beautiful seaside town of Sematan. Cycle past deserted beaches and paddy fields to reach our last seaside resort.

Sematan Palm Beach Resort   Meals: BLD  

After breakfast by the pool, saddle up for our final day of great riding. We follow the coastline and ride on mixture of dirt trail and village road towards the picturesque Sematan town. At Sematan, visit the local fish market with fresh catches from the sea before riding to a local waterfall for a picnic lunch. The final bike ride is along another beautiful stretch of isolated white sand beach, and during low tide, you can even ride your bike all the way to reach the seaside resort. Enjoy the cool sea breeze sunset dinner.


DAY 8      Rest and Transfer to Kuching

Make the most of our last day by the beach. After lunch, we drive back to Kuching to check-in hotel before our farewell seafood dinner.

Basaga Hotel / The Marian  Meals: BLD   

(Extension of the trip to the Tip of Borneo (2D1N) by boat during the Dry Season is possible from Sematan).  


DAY 9      Tour Concludes in Kuching

Today the tour concludes. For those who are not in a hurry to leave, the interior of Borneo awaits. For information on these and other destinations to extend your holiday, please ask our team at the time of booking.

Meals: B  

Transfer to Kuching airport for a flight home sweet home.    

Please note that the above itinerary is subjected to change due to unforeseen circumstances. However, we will always do our best to adhere to this original itinerary.  

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Trip Notes

  • Number of Days:              9 Days / 8 Nights
  • Total Cycling Distance:    219 kilometers
  • Biking Difficulty:               3/5 (Active) Paved roads and gravel tracks with some undulations. Some easy off-road biking.
  • No. of Cycling Days:        3 full days, 3 half days
  • Accommodation:              As per itinerary
  • Meals:                              As per itinerary
  • Bike Hire:                         RM 580 / Bike
  • Minimum                          2 adults per order
  • Minimum Age:                 12 Years Old (on Schedule Departure)

Package also include: English speaking guide, accommodations and meals, airport transfer, support vehicle, helmet, rain ponchos, drinks & snacks, other non-riding activities as per itinerary and entrance fees. Free airport transfer for tours of more than 3 days.

All services stipulated above are subject to availability at the time of booking.These tours operate on the principle that you may be in a small group of other people.

The Story of Borneo Wildlife

Borneo island is the center of the world's diversity for rainforest animals and plants. It's tropical rainforests and climate provide the ideal conditions for a wide variety of species to thrive, including the endangered and iconic Bornean orangutan as well as species of such as the hornbills and crocodiles. In addition, the tropical climate of Borneo also provides an ideal growing environment for 10,000 species of plant, more than in the whole continent of Africa. Borneo Sarawak has an extensive protected area network which includes 44 national parks and 4 wildlife sanctuaries that plays a key role in protecting the natural environment and it's remarkable biodiversity. Seven of the National Parks we will be exploring are:-

Bako National Park is Sarawak's oldest national park. It is also the smallest national parks in Sarawak, yet one of the most interesting, as it contains almost every type of vegetation found in Borneo.

Potential Sightings - Proboscis Monkeys, Long-Tail Macaques, Silver Leaf Monkeys, Bornean Beard Pigs, Snakes, Tropical Birds, Owls, Pitcher Plants.

Santubong National Park and the surrounding area - From sea level, Mount Santubong's irregular rainforest-covered peaks rise steeply to 810m, forming a catchment for numerous streams and the sanctuary for a variety of wildlife.

Potential Sightings - Proboscis Monkeys, Long-Tail Macaques, Silver Leaf Monkeys, Migratory Birds (Sand Piper, Egret etc).

Kuching Wetlands National Park offers an excellent introduction to the mangrove environment, and a chance to see a range of wildlife and spend some time soaking up the sights and sounds of one of the most interesting stretch of coastline in the whole of Sarawak.

Potential Sightings - proboscis monkeys, Irrawaddy dolphins, fireflies, estuarine crocodiles and a range of bird life.

Kubah National Park has some of the most impressive rainforest scenery in Sarawak with clear jungle waterfalls and is famed for its rich diversity of palms and frogs.

Potential Sightings - Bornean Frogs, Tropical Birds, Rare Palm Species and pitcher plants.

Talang-Satang National Park is Sarawak’s first marine national park with the primary aim of conserving Sarawak’s marine turtle population. The park’s four “Turtle Islands” are responsible for 95% of all the turtle landings in Sarawak.

Potential Sightings - Sea Turtle, Lobsters and Migratory Birds.

Matang Wildlife Center is a large enclosed area of rainforest is home to many endangered wildlife. The main attraction is the orang utan adoption program, where young orangutans, who were either orphaned or rescued from captivity, are taught how to survive in the wild.

Potential Sightings - Orangutans, Sun Bears, Sambar Deers and Hornbills, Bornean Frogs, Bornean Tarsiers.

Gunung Gading National Park has a very special star attraction - the Rafflesia, the world's largest flower. Gunung Gading sprawls across four jungle-clad mountain peaks, and its dense primary rainforest is criss-crossed by crystal clear streams and waterfalls.

Potential Sightings - Rafflesia Flower, Hornbills, Pitcher Plants

Sarawak is where adventure lives, join us for the trip of a lifetime.This nine days bike safari is an amazing experience to discover the wildlife of Borneo -- an epic bike holiday for the explorer in you.

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